Financial Planning

Many people will provide you financial planning advice including which investments to speculate in. But you know that there is more to your financial life than investment speculation. You have education funds for your children to consider, as well as your RRSP, income taxes and estate taxes. These are just a few of the other complex characteristics of your total financial picture.

Personal financial planning concentrates on you – taking into account the various financial and emotional factors that may impact your life now, and in the future.

A properly planned financial strategy will ensure you accomplish your personal financial goals and objectives, while also giving you an enhanced sense of security.

There are many people in London Ontario who refer to themselves as “financial advisors”, but the true financial planning professional utilizes the six distinct steps of the Complete Financial Needs Analysis Process.

They are:

  1. A true financial planning professional clarifies your current financial situation by bringing together & assessing all pertinent financial data. This includes your assets and liabilities, tax returns, records of securities transactions, insurance policies, wills and pension plans.
  2. A true financial planning professional helps you to identify financial goals and objectives, while also helping you to clarify your financial and personal standards and attitudes.
  3. A true financial planning professional aids you in identifying financial snags that could create obstacles to your financial independence.
  4. A true financial planning professional delivers you written recommendations along with alternative solutions. These should be organized to meet your needs without putting extra emphasis on specific investment products you should purchase.
  5. A true financial planning professional supports you in the implementation of the right strategy to make sure that you achieve your goals and objectives.
  6. A true financial planning professional will provide a review of your strategy along with revisions to ensure that you reach your goals.

How Do You Know If You Need An Advisor For Financial Planning?

People hire financial planning advisors for various reasons. Ask yourself these questions so that you may determine if you should seek professional financial advice.

  • Are you confused about how to invest your money?
  • Are you able to spend the time needed to manage to your personal financial affairs?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much tax?
  • Are you confused about differing financial advice from quite a few sources?
  • Do you find it difficult to make ends meet?
  • Do you find it difficult to save any money?
  • Has there been a recent change in your life, such as a job loss, retirement, addition or loss to your family that could affect your financial future?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact our office in London Ontario and speak to someone about your long term financial planning strategy.

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